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Breckbill College Hour

Breckbill College Hour

Breckbill College Hour

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America has fallen into great apostasy today. The altars of strange gods are being erected in her groves and in her cities, materialism, secularism, and idolatry have taken over the market place. The foundations of our national life, our spiritual life, our social life, and our political life are being removed. What can the righteous do?

Christian schools founded upon the Word of God ALONE are the hope of the future. With atheism and unbelief running rampant in the educational institutions of this nation, we need schools that are again going to implant in the minds of our young people the truth of God's Word. There are forces at work in our universities and seminaries and political institutions that are seeking to bind us once again with the fetters of slavery from which we wrenched ourselves at tremendous cost. We need schools that will once again implant in the minds and hearts of young people the ideals for which our forefathers died. That they may rejoice once again in the liberties which we take for granted, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and above all the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of conscience.

We have lost a sense of respect for human rights and private property. We have lost the sense of individual initiative and individual responsibility which have made this nation great. We need schools that will instill into the minds of our young people individual responsibility that every Christian must give an account of their stewardship to God.

Manahath Educational Center/ Breckbill Bible College was established with these goals in mind. Our desire is that those who will be graduating from this school will have instilled into them, a love for the Word of God, a certainty that Jesus Christ is the only Savior, a love for this country and its precious heritage, that they will walk in the old paths, that they will guard and strengthen the ancient landmarks and walk before the Lord in the paths of righteousness for His Namesake, knowing the fullness of God's blessing and the certainty of His protection. - Written in 1957